• Membership
  • Baptism
  • Wedding
  • Hokehangist (Requiem)
  • Der Voghormia (Prayer Request)
  • If married Please fill the form below

  • “I hereby apply for membership in St. Peter Armenian Apostolic Church of Van Nuys, California, and I attest that I have been baptized and have been Chrismated (or I am a communicant) in the Armenian Church; and that I accept the doctrines, hierarchical authority, canons, and rites thereof, and that I am not a member of another church. I promise to attend church, faithfully fulfill my obligations to the church and to adhere to the By-Laws of the Diocese. (Article 8)”



*IMPORTANT NOTICE: The time slot assigned for baptism ceremony is ONE hour MAXIMUM. It includes the photo session. If your CEREMONY starts at 15 minutes late, your photo session may be cancelled. 


  • Please read:
    1. The bride and the brides’ maids should be covered with a shawl if they are wearing low cut dresses.
    2. Wedding party should arrive at the church fifteen minutes before the regular time.
    3. The bridal party should have a light lunch before coming to the church for the wedding.
    4. Flower petals to be scattered to the white runner only, not on the carpet.
    5. The couple is required to go to the City Hall for marriage license one or two months before the wedding.
    6. The florist has half an hour before the wedding to go into the church for decoration.
    7. Florist should use plastic hangers on the pews to put decorations.
    8. No rice or rose petals to be thrown in the church or at the church entrance.
    9. Flower petals to be scattered on the white runner only not on the carpet.
    10. The florist is responsible for the cleaning of the aisle after the wedding.
    *Rehearsal date and time to be notified prior to the wedding. Rehearsals are conducted in the Church or in Karagozian Hall in case the Church is busy on the day of your rehearsal.


Repose of Souls Service, Hokehankisd, may be requested in memory of deceased family members.

Traditionally, this special service is requested on the 40th day of passing, first anniversary and on other anniversaries. To request Hokehankisd Services on a Sunday, please call the Church Office by the preceding Tuesday so that the announcement will be included in the Sunday Bulletin of the Church. Hokehankisds can be requested at the entrance of the Church through the hospitality members early Sunday mornings.

    Note: To reconfirm the hour, please call the Church office at 818.344.4860.