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  • Ladies Society
  • Deacons & Acolytes
  • Investment Committee/Endowment Fund
  • Church Choir
  • Gomidas Choir
  • A.C.Y.O.
  • Sunday School
  • Saturday Armenian School
  • Fellowship Society
  • Bible Studies

Parish Council Members

Father Shnork Demirjian-President-Frshnork@yahoo.com, frshnork@stpeterarm.org
Barkev Hamalian – Chairman – barkevh@sbcglobal.net, barkevh@stpeterarm.org
Zaven Atashian-Vice Chairman- zatashian@gmail.com, zavena@stpeterarm.org
Rozan Mardosian – Secretary – Rozan333@hotmail.com, rozanm@stpeterarm.org
Matthew Matoesian – Treasurer – toesykid@gmail.com, matthewm@stpeterarm.org
Vartan Nazerian – Vice Treasurer – vartann@stpeterarm.org
John Missakian – Advisor – jmissakian@gmail.com, johnm@stpeterarm.org
Vahe Hovsepian – Advisor – vaheh@stpeterarm.org
Andy Tashchian – Advisor- diamondautomations@yahoo.com, andyt@stpeterarm.org
Ardashes Derderian – advisor – ardashd@gmail.com, ardashesd@stpeterarm.org

About the Parish Council

The Parish Council, as the administrative authority of the Parish administers and directs the affairs and activities of the Parish, including the affairs of subordinate organizations, and is the custodian of all property belonging to the Parish.

The powers and duties of the Parish Council shall be:

(a) ensures the proper and regular performance of Church services.

(b) carries out the decisions of the Parish Assembly.

The Ladies Society which was founded in 1959, has been referred to as “the backbone of St. Peter Church”. Its members strive to develop an appreciation of the Armenian culture and heritage while adhering to the doctrines and rites of the Armenian Church. The many fund-raising projects provide much-needed income to the church to meet its daily expenses. The Ladies Society organizes monthly luncheon-meetings with special programs every second Wednesday of the month and welcomes newcomers throughout the year.


Investment Committee Members

John Yaldezian II
John Missakian
Derik Ghookasian
Levon Goukasian
Matthew Matoesian

The Saint Peter Armenian Church, Van Nuys Endowment Funds were established to meet the long-term financial needs of the parish. A five-member board elected by the Parish Assembly actively manages the funds. The goal is to seek long-term capital appreciation and income. The revenues from these funds help to alleviate the uncertainties of fluctuating income of the Church. As the funds grow, they will generate enough income to finance the spiritual, cultural, youth, and other activities of the Church. See complete list of fourteen funds along with their description and purpose.

Your tax-deductible contribution will help Saint Peter Armenian Church meet its long-term goals. Donations of cash, securities, real estate, and other assets can be accepted. Donors may also designate the Endowment funds in their will or living trust. Your gifts to the endowment funds are a permanent benefit to the Church beyond the confines of a single lifetime. They will insure a stronger and more vibrant Saint Peter for future generations. It is a great way to leave a legacy to our Saint Peter family and support a given cause into perpetuity.

Donors who pledge to contribute $20,000 or more may establish a new fund and designate the name and purpose so long as it benefits Saint Peter Armenian Church.

The earnings are available for various purposes. Parishioners are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the funds and request distributions for qualified purposes.

To make a donation, request a distribution, or for any additional information, contact John Yaldezian at (805) 370-0816 or the church office at (818) 344-4860.

Endowment Funds and Their Purpose

General Endowment Fund

This fund includes gifts of less than $20,000 or any gift without a specific purpose. The net earnings benefit Saint Peter Armenian Church, Van Nuys and are allocated as follows: 30% to the church’s operating account, 30% to be reinvested into the fund and 40% to be used for any purpose designated by the Parish Council and approved by the Parish Assembly.

Alexander Memorial Fund

Net earnings to benefit Saint Peter Armenian Church. Thirty percent to the church’s operating account, 30% to be reinvested into the fund, and 40% to be used for any purpose designated by the Parish Council and approved by the Parish Assembly. Administered as part of General fund.

Petoyan Family Fund

Ninety percent of the net earnings can be used by Sunday School to send one graduate per year to Armenia with a diocesan-sponsored program (either Eastern or Western Diocese) the remaining 10% to be reinvested into the fund.

Kandarian Scholarship Fund

Provides scholarship for the benefit of postgraduate students in any field of study. Net earnings shall be paid to or used for the benefit of the students at the discretion of the Fund Administrative Committee, appointed by the church.

Ketchoyan Trust Fund

Principal, earnings and distributions from the Western Diocese Endowment Fund are to be reinvested until both Mr. and Mrs. Ketchoyan pass on, unless both of them or the surviving spouse gives special approval. Upon both of their passing, the net earnings are to be used as operating income of the church or any purpose approved by the Parish Council and the Parish Assembly.

St. Nerses Fund

Created by an anonymous donor. Net earnings to be used for sending ACYO members to St. Nerses for the annual Summer Conferences. The Parish priest will determine the recipients.

Ulis Sekeroglu Fund

Net earnings will go to an orphanage in Armenia or to a needy student as determined by Parish Priest.

Aram Yarmagian Memorial Fund

Net earnings will go to an orphanage in Armenia or to a needy student as determined by Parish Priest.

Tachkapoulian Fund

Net earnings will be used to provide scholarships for Sunday school students to attend Western Diocese Summer Camp. Sunday School board shall select the recipients.

Kegham and Hermine Parunyan Fund

Net earnings will be used solely for expenses involving renovations or reconstructions of any kind that St. Peter Church Parish Council designates.

Martin and Bertha Yacoobian Family Foundation

Net earnings will be used to provide scholarships for Sunday School students to attend the Western Diocese Summer Camp. Sunday School board shall select the recipients.

John and Alice Yaldezian Trust Fund

Net earnings are to be used to assist financially needy St. Peter Sunday School children to attend the Western Diocese Summer Camp. The Sunday School Executive Committee will be responsible for selecting the recipients. If no recipient is selected, or if there is an excess in net earnings, the money shall be given to The Parish Council to be used for church operations.

Greg Boyajian Memorial Fund

Net earnings are to be paid as follows: 50%, to St. Peter ACYO (to be divided equally between the Juniors and Seniors) and 50% to a St. Peter’s parishioner(s) who need(s) financial help with their medical care. The Boyajian Family or their appointed advisors will determine the recipient for the medical award.

Saint Peter Ladies Society Fund –

90% of net earnings are to be utilized to send a recipient to Western Diocese Summer Camp. The recipient may be a current Saturday or Sunday school student or the child or grandchild of any current St. Peter church member in good standing. The Ladies Society executive board will select recipient. The remaining 10% is to be reinvested into the fund.

Net earnings or net income is defined as interest and dividends (not capital gains) realized by the Fund.

St. Peter Church Choir has won recognition in the Western Diocese as one of the most outstanding in voice, coordination and discipline. Organized in 1962, the choir elected its first slate of officers and established rehearsal schedules and rules of conduct. Members of the choir (age 16 and over) are a devoted group who faithfully attend weekly rehearsals on Wednesdays and arrive early each Sunday morning to participate in the Divine Liturgy with their melodious voices.

St. Peter Church Gomidas Choir was established in 1983. The members of the choir hold rehearsals and sing the Gomidas version of the Holy Badarak. Gomidas Vartabed (1869-1935) composed the musical version of the Divine Liturgy known by his name. It is sung during special feast days of the church and on other solemn occasions.

In the fall of 1959, St. Peter Armenian Church Youth Organization was founded. Membership was open to all young people 18 years of age or older, who were baptized and confirmed in the Armenian Church. Soon after it was organized, it became apparent that there was a need to form a group for teenagers. In 1964, the Junior High League was established for youth fifteen to seventeen years of age. Today the A.C.Y.O. consists of Juniors and Seniors, who gather once a month for a religious service, meeting, a program and social hour. These organizations participate in programs suitable to their age group. Activities include progressive dinners, Armenian dance programs, and group trips. All members work diligently to bring entertainment to the parishioners and to foster Christian Fellowship.

All children 3 years of age and older, who had been baptized and confirmed are able to attend Sunday School. Classes are held from September through June each Sunday from 10:30 a.m. till noon. Students are classified by age groups. The divisions are identified as: Beginners, Primary, Junior and Senior. Assemblies are held on Sunday followed by religious instruction. On occasions, the teachers escort their classes into the sanctuary during Divine Liturgy to acquaint them with church services. Students of 8-12 grades participate in the Divine Liturgy before attending their Sunday School Classes at 11:15 a.m. St. Peter Parish is very proud of its Sunday School curriculum. Responsibility for the religious training of our youth is great, and Sunday School has proven, through the love and devotion of its teachers, how well it provides this need of St. Peter Parish.

Every Saturday from September to June, St. Peter Church grounds and classrooms are filled with the happy sounds of children. These children, between the ages of five and fifteen, come to learn their Mother Language Armenian, their culture, literature and music. More than hundred students attend every Saturday from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Students are placed in one of seven classes according to their age and/or level of their Armenian language proficiency. A small yearly fee is charged to cover the school costs. Our aim is to provide a quality education to all Armenian children who are the future of our nation.

The members of the Fellowship Society foster a spirit of Christian Fellowship, cultural development and Good Will. It encourages active participation in the affairs of St. Peter Church and promotes spiritual and social programs. Activities include dinners and trips to places of interest to its members.

On Wednesdays at 8:30 p.m. (except on the first Wednesday of each month and the major feast days) the Parish Priest & guest lecturers provide insightful Bible Study Sessions on scriptural topics, feasts, lives of saints and moral issues confronting the church. Sessions are held at Yacoobian Hall.