The Ladies Society which was founded in 1959, has been referred to as “the backbone of St. Peter Church”. Its members strive to develop an appreciation of the Armenian culture and heritage while adhering to the doctrines and rites of the Armenian Church. The many fund-raising projects provide much-needed income to the church to meet its daily expenses. The Ladies Society organizes monthly luncheon-meetings with special programs every second Wednesday of the month and welcomes newcomers throughout the year.

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Ladies Society Membership Application Form

  • “I hereby apply for membership in St. Peter Armenian Apostolic Church of Van Nuys, California,, and I attest that I have been baptized and have been Chrismated (or I am a communicant) in the Armenian Church; and that I accept the doctrines, hierarchical authority, canons, and rites thereof, and that I am not a member of another church. I promise to attend church, faithfully fulfill my obligations to the church and to adhere to the By-Laws of the Diocese. (Article 8)