Welcome to St. Peter Armenian Church “The Sound of Music”

2017 Summer Program

Dear parents,

We are happy to announce that under the generous sponsorship and leadership of St. Peter church, the “Sound of Music” summer program was created and is ready to serve our community by providing safe, cultural and “Musical” summer program.

The camp is open for all children ages from 4-14. The program will run for 8 weeks starting from June 12 thru August 4.

Attached, please find information sheet and registration form.

If you like to register your child or children for our summer program, please complete the form attached and return it to the church office on or before May 12, 2017.  You can also email the registration form to summercamp@stpeterarm.org.

Our summer program is going to be a musical one. The children will have the ability to learn how to sing and play, and at the end of summer camp, we will have a musical production of the “The Sound of Music” for all our parents and family, played by your children.

We are committed to provide safe, family and cultural oriented,  fun and loving care for your children. And because the organization is charitable, our prices which will include all meals and snacks is very affordable.

If you have any questions, please contact St. Peter Church office (818) 344-4860.

Thank you,
Sirvart Kavoukjian


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